Odor Removal

There are two basic categories of odors: organic and chemical. Organic odors are byproducts of the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Organic materials emit odor as a result of bacteria. The only way to eliminate the odor is to kill the bacteria. Examples of substances that produce organic odors are mildew, sour milk and urine.

Chemical odors are microscopic particles of a chemical that have been deposited onto a surface. If the particles are light enough to float in the air, humans can smell them. Examples of chemical odors include tobacco smoke and the sulfur particles produced when a match is lit.

Prompt and professional odor removal is important and must be stresses. Few dollars spent at the beginning can save thousands. Many walls, ceilings, carpeting and insulation are removed and replace each year because somebody thought the odors would go away by themselves.

Our certified technicians are fully trained to determinate the best treatment and equipment to use for your odor problem.